About Us

Our Beginnings

Five women from a single congregation realized they were married to abusive men, who were also professing Christians. Furthermore, four of the five had restraining orders against their husbands. So, they met to learn about abuse, to encourage and support each other to honor God in light of the abuse they experienced, and to seek God’s will for their lives and marriages. In short, they sought healing in their own lives.

By 2007 the organization became a fulltime, nonprofit, tax-exempt organization (click here to continue)

Our Mission

Motivated by God’s lovingkindness, Hagar’s Sisters cultivates the emotional and spiritual healing of women impacted by intimate partner abuse, empowering them through care planning, education, and compassionate community.

Our Name

The night was dark and still, so she grabbed the small bag of belongings she had stealthily packed earlier in the day, and wrapped herself against the night’s chill, silently praying she wouldn’t wake the rest of the household. Quietly, she made her way into the night.

Leaving was a crazy idea because she had no money and wasn’t even sure where she could go. She also had no one to count on for help either, but she had no choice – it wasn’t just her anymore (click here to continue)

direct services

Hagar’s Sisters was created to meet the emotional, physical, intellectual and spiritual needs of those experiencing domestic violence. We’re here to help you understand if you are being abused and help you on your journey towards healing and safety. We offer love and support whether you choose to stay in or leave your abusive relationship.

Care Planning

Care planning services help you create an actionable 'Care Plan,' so you can care for yourself throughout your healing journey.

Support Group Program

Support Groups provide a confidential, safe place for women to share, learn and heal from abuse.

Alumni Program

Alumni Program is currently under development. This program will give Sisters opportunities to reinforce the material they learned in support groups.

Be Inspired, Learn, Take a Stand

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For other questions, please call (978) 266-0053.