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For an individual who has experienced the life-shattering effect of domestic abuse, Hagar’s Sisters is a non-profit organization that offers holistic services that empower them to find healing and a new healthy way of life that is free from abuse.

Domestic abuse knows no boundaries and is prevalent regardless of race, education, socioeconomic status, or religion. Many are surprised to find abuse in families of faith. However, researchers affirm that abuse crosses all religious boundaries and that the rates inside and outside the church are similar. Individuals from all and no faith backgrounds are encouraged to attend and benefit from our program.


of women will experience intimate partner abuse


christian women will experience domestic abuse in Massachusetts

Over 10 Million

women experience intimate partner abuse every year in the United States

"God has taught me through Hagar's Sisters to love myself, to accept myself and to believe in myself."

"This group has been a lifeline for me during a very hard season in my marriage."

"Hagar's Sisters helped me to understand my pain and gave me the tools to help myself."

"Six months ago I was confused, devastated and broken. After connecting with Hagar's Sisters I am now on my way to healing..."