Our Services

Hagar’s Sisters was created to cultivate spiritual and emotional healing of those experiencing domestic violence. We can help you understand if you are being abused and as you journey towards healing and safety. We offer love and support whether you choose to stay in or leave your abusive relationship.

We support you through safety and care planning, a 2-year support group curriculum that includes virtual group sharing, compassionate community, and, in the future, an alumni program to Sisters who have completed our program. All of our services are available through the online Sister Portal.

Please contact a Care Coordinator at (978) 266-0053 ext1 to get started today. 

If you feel you are in immediate danger, please call the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-7233

Care Planning

Complete a set of self-paced modules and exercises on our secure online portal to develop a actionable plan to care for yourself given your current situation.

Support Group Program

We offer a set of biblically based courses that are delivered on our secure online portal. These include virtual group sharing and prayer.

Alumni Program

[Under development] This program will support Sisters successfully transitioning to healthy relationships independent of Hagar’s Sisters.

Our Philosophy & Guidelines

We put God first in all we do

  • Our approach adheres to biblical truths and values
  • We express and accept unconditional love and build each other up
  • Prayer is crucial in our support of each other in and outside our meetings
  • We seek guidance from the Holy Spirit

We advocate for healthy relationships

  • We do not have an agenda that women stay in or leave an abusive relationship
  • We recognize the importance of safety as a top priority for women who are in abusive relationships
  • We acknowledge each form of abuse as significant

We provide an emotionally safe and respectful environment

  • Women share their stories and emotions, receiving compassion from people who truly understand what they are going through
  • A woman is understood to be the expert on her own unique experience and life
  • Each woman is recognized as a whole person (spiritual, intellectual, emotional, physical), capable of making wise decisions on her own behalf
  • Abuse is not the defining aspect of her life. Therefore we say, “women have experienced abuse” instead of, “abused women.”

“Thanks to this program I am more informed…I am able to feel love and see that there is hope.”

Be Inspired, Learn, Take a Stand

Join our email list if you would like to receive occasional information about upcoming events. If you are already a Sister, and need to connect with a Care Coordinator, please email Care@HagarsSisters.org.
For other questions, please call (978) 266-0053.