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About Our Program

Unlike other domestic violence organizations, Hagar’s Sisters has the distinctive ability to address the spiritual aspects of abuse through the lens of the Christian faith. Hagar’s Sisters is one of only five Christian domestic non-profits across the United States with only Hagar’s Sister serving New England.

Our Support Group Program is a 3-year, biblically based course of studies delivered via our online platform, the ‘Sister Portal.’ Through the Sister Portal we’re able to provide Survivors of domestic abuse with a safe and secure place to share in small groups. As the first of its kind among Christian and community based domestic abuse organizations, our online platform allows us to break down any geographical barriers women in domestic abuse situations may face and bring the traditional support group to them.

Now any woman, anywhere can participate in our full service offerings, regardless of her location from any computer, tablet or smart phone from any safe location.

Courses within the program consist of the optimal combination of biblically-based education, small group sharing and prayer resulting in the Sisters finding safety, spiritual vitality and on-going, lasting healing. Courses are offered on our customized online platform using video, text, articles, exercises and in some cases a course book.

At Hagar’s Sisters, we do not have an agenda that those we serve stay in or leave their abusive relationship. Our only agenda is that they keep themselves and their children safe. We empower them to make their own choices through care planning, group education and compassionate community, then point them to the Holy Spirit to understand God’s plan for their relationship. Ultimately the women make the choices they feel are best for them.

Our 3 year program is based on 4 key principles:

1) Knowledge: Understanding abuse, healthy boundaries, and healthy relationships

2) Self- Awareness: Awareness of personal emotions, thoughts, and identity (safety)

3) Self-Care: Awareness and/or action pertaining to self-care (safety)

4) Relational Confidence: Understanding and/or exercising healthy boundaries in relationships with others

5) Community: Develop friendships with the women in your area

Be Inspired, Learn, Take a Stand

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