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About Our Program:

Unlike other domestic violence organizations, Hagar’s Sisters has the distinctive ability to address the spiritual aspects of abuse through the lens of the Christian faith. Hagar’s Sisters is one of only five Christian domestic non-profits across the United States with only Hagar’s Sister serving New England.
Our 3 year program is based on 4 key principles:
1) Knowledge: Understanding abuse, healthy boundaries, and healthy relationships

2) Self- Awareness: Awareness of personal emotions, thoughts, and identity (safety)

3) Self-Care: Awareness and/or action pertaining to self-care (safety)

4) Relational Confidence: Understanding and/or exercising healthy boundaries in relationships with others

5) Community: Develop friendships with the women in your area

Frequently Asked Questions
When do support groups meet?
Support groups are held on Monday and Thursday evenings between 6:30pm and 8pm. Please contact our office to find a support group nearest you.
Is childcare offered?
Childcare is currently not offered.
Can I bring a friend to support group?
Each women who comes to support group is required to register no less than 24 hours prior to support group start. We do not accept walk-ins under any circumstance.
What happens at a support group?
  • Settle in & Snack – We provide sisters a window of time to get settled in. During this time, sisters mingle over a spread of light snacks and refreshments.
  • Learn – Sisters sit with their small groups and a Hagar’s Sisters leader will teach the weekly lesson to everyone.
  • Share – After the lesson, small group leaders will facilitate a time of discussion.
  • Pray – We close each week with a time of prayer.
Who participates in support group?
Only those who have enrolled with Hagar’s Sisters as a “Sister” are eligible to participate in support groups.

Our Sisters comprise of a wide range of ages, marital status (not married, married, separated, divorced), abuse experiences (past, ongoing, non-physical, physical), ethnicities, and are often of the Christian faith, as our support group curriculum is rooted in biblical teaching. However, all women of any faith or no faith background are strongly encouraged to attend and are warmly welcomed. Your right to spiritual beliefs is respected.

Advocacy Program

Care planning services help you create an actionable 'Care Plan,' so you can care for yourself throughout your healing journey.

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What is Abuse?

Learn the facts: Domestic Abuse is not about anger, it is about one person’s desire or power to control their partner.

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